Get a free Bible for your phone, tablet, and computer. Free reading plans and devotionals are available for use on smart devices. Event information (such as sermon notes, church activities) is available on mobile devices.

Visit to check it out. While there, sign up for a free account that will work on your computer and across your mobile devices. Instructions for the installation of the YouVersion Bible app on mobile devices can be found below.

General Instructions for Installation of the YouVersion Bible App on Mobile Devices:

Note: This example is for installation of the YouVersion Bible app on IOS devices. Installation on Android devices is very similar.

1. Go to the App Store (Play Store for Android devices) and perform a search for “YouVersion Bible app”.

2. Select the app and install it as shown below.

3. Once installed, you can select “open” to open the app now or close the app store and then open the app by tapping on the newly installed Holy Bible app icon.

4. The YouVersion sign in screen should appear. If you have previously created an account, you can sign in with the method you used or tap “Create Account” to create your free account.

5. Once signed in, your home screen should appear. You can scroll up and down to view content, tap on the various buttons located at the top and bottom of the screen to access more information, read the bible, set up your reading plans, set up your circle of friends, etc.

6. To view local upcoming services and events, tap on the “More” button located at the bottom right (three horizontal bars), tap on “Events”, tap on the desired level of location services used by the app to find events around your location (usually you only have to select this once), and the map screen should appear with pins indicating the next 5 days of upcoming events. You can tap on the map to zoom in, slide your finger on the map to scroll, or use the “pinch” gesture to further zoom in or out as desired. Tap on a “Pin” to select it and view more information.

7. To search for a specific event or church service, tap the search window located at the top of the map window, enter your search criteria, and tap on “Enter” to view a list of the search results. Tap on an individual event to view more information about that event.

Please Note: If you unable to find a specific event it may have not been created or published yet. Events appear up to 5 days prior to the scheduled time of the event and only once they have been published. Sometimes this may not occur until the day of the event.